I am a Master student at EPFL in Switzerland. I obtained by Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science with the highest honors in 2022 from École Polytechnique in France. I love nature and my goal is to have an impact in the energy transition and in the fight against climate change.


My research lies at the intersection between Mathematical Optimization, Operations Research, Machine learning, and Data Analysis.

I am mainly interested in leveraging data to solve decision-making, optimization, and control problems in energy systems.

The data-driven approaches I like to use mainly come from stochastic programming, reinforcement learning, and deep learning.

I have worked on the control of microgrids, electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage systems, wind turbines, and distribution grids.

In the future, I would like to focus on integrated learning and optimization, i.e., study methods to build prediction models better adapted to the downstream optimization tasks.

Another goal of mine is to learn more about game theory and electricity markets.


I am also an avid cyclist who loves to ride in the Austrian and French Alps and I race at elite level on Zwift for Team Foudre. I represented France at the 2022 eCycling World Championships.

Achievements and Prizes